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By MADELINE McNEIL Oct. 9, 2014 There are some very special relatives and family friends who take on a caring role for children or young people who cannot live with their parents for various...
2014 READYS VLGA and Youth Affairs Council Victoria were thrilled with the number of nominations received from across Victoria for the second year of the READYS. With so many high quality...
By ALEX SINNOTT Oct. 8, 2014   ONE of the region’s leading youth workers has urged the federal government to reconsider a six-month-long welfare ban on young job seekers....
To acknowledge Mental Health Week we have a display of artworks by Warrnambool artist Lisa Firestone.   This set of paintings is situated @ Community & Youth Complex - 210 Timor St...
By SEAN McCOMISH Oct. 4, 2014   ABORIGINAL groups and youth workers have launched a new campaign to take the shame out of mental illness.    Warrnambool Headspace says it...
By ALEX SINNOTT Sept. 20, 2014   DIRECTING young people who are at risk how to make the right decisions about their future is the aim of a new program being bankrolled by the state...
By EVERARD HIMMELREICH Sept. 18, 2014   RACHAEL Lenehan and Mathew Buck are both sporty people with full-time jobs, but each has been able to add foster caring to their busy lives without...
Work gives Zowie a clearer vision By RACHAEL HOULIHAN Sept. 6, 2014   WHILE keeping her mind active and increasing her employability, Zowie Smith loves working three days a week at...
Henrietta Cook August 26, 2014   Youth unemployment has leapt to a 15-year high in Victoria, with the Premier's electorate hit the hardest by the worsening crisis.   An...
By PETER COLLINS Aug. 21, 2014   AFFORDABLE accommodation will be an unachievable dream for more low-income south-west residents if tougher new federal welfare rules are introduced,...
Presented by: Eddie Gallagher, psychologist, social worker, family therapist and trainer, has 40 years experience working with families and for the past 20 years has had a special interest in...


Brophy Family & Youth Services Inc. is an accredited service with the Quality Improvement Council, Dec 2009
Brophy adopts a continuous quality improvement approach across all areas of service delivery which will improve performance standards and strengthen service outcomes for client’s staff and volunteers.

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Welcome to Brophy Family and Youth Services

Brophy Family & Youth Services is the primary provider for youth services in South West Victoria.  Brophy originated in 1974 with its beginnings in hostel accommodation for homeless youth.  Over the years it has developed a comprehensive range of services for the homeless, young people and families.

The agency provides regional services to Portland, Hamilton, Camperdown and Warrnambool through its outreach programs.  Its main office is located in Warrnambool with sub-regional offices situated in Hamilton and Portland.

Our Vision

We will strengthen the capacity of youth, enrich the lives of individuals and families, and build the connections in our communities throughout South West Victoria.

Our Mission

To deliver directly, or through partnerships, community services which promote a just society and improve life choices for people in the areas of:

  • Accommodation

  • Employment and Enterprise

  • Education and Training

  • Health and Welfare

Our Values

  • Social Justice

Promoting justice, social fairness and human rights.

  • Professionalism

Practicing in an ethical, respectful and inclusive manner.

  • Empowerment

Strengthening and enabling individual and community decision-making.

  • Responsiveness

Responding in a timely, engaging and respectful manner.

  • Partnership

Striving for shared connections to create better client outcomes.