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Consumer Participation

What is it?

  • Involving you in the way we do things at Brophy to make a better service for you.
  • Getting your ideas on how we can do things better and your experience of the service at Brophy.
  • Participating in activities, special functions and events.

Why have it?

  • To make sure we are meeting your needs and the needs of others.
  • We want to know what you think about Brophy, what is working and what is not, so we can make improvements.
  • You are important to the service and we would like you to become involved.

How can you participate at Brophy?

Feedback Surveys – where we ask you for your ideas and your experience of our services.
Focus Groups – we ask for your ideas on a specific topic or issue in a group setting.
Media – we acknowledge and celebrate your involvement and seek your contributions through a range of media including newsletters, social media, websites etc.
Volunteering – opportunities to be involved across a number of programs.
Advisory Groups – some programs have consumer groups that meet regularly to contribute ideas and feedback to improve services.
All feedback obtained is confidential.

If you should participate in consumer activities at Brophy

  • It is expected that participants show commitment, punctuality, respect and confidentiality.
  • The staff at Brophy will in turn demonstrate punctuality and respect.
  • You will be provided with a safe and confidential environment.
  • Brophy will acknowledge your involvement in consumer participation.
  • Your involvement in consumer activities may be supported with practical assistance including child care and transport etc.

Brophy values your participation in its Consumer Participation activities. 

For more info:    

Email:  admin@brophy.org.au or chat to a Brophy staff member