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Your feedback helps us to provide better services for you and others



About a staff member or program or anything to do with our agency – we are always happy to hear how well things went for you.


To explain something we could improve to help other users of our service


We encourage you to talk to the person in charge of the program you accessed.  If this makes you feel uncomfortable fill out the form below.
The time taken to resolve complaints will depend on the type and seriousness of the issue raised, all effort will be made to deal with the problem within 30 days.

Every complaint or feedback is taken seriously as we are keen for information that improves our services

Your feedback

You can choose to be anonymous when giving your feedback, which means you don’t need to give your name.  If you choose to this it will not be possible for you to receive feedback on what we have done or changed.

Once you have submitted your feedback you will be contacted by a manager from our agency.

If you are not satisfied with the way we have dealt with your feedback please refer to the “What you need to know” area of our website which outlines other external services where you may complain.

We recently asked participants in our Transition to Work program about their experience of the program, here are some of their comments.

Before I joined Transition to Work I was…

“…confused about what I wanted to do.”

And now

“…I’ve had a good experience. Brophy is the best help with getting a job and school. I would recommend Brophy. I’m the happiest I have been before I started. I have also accessed medical services.”


Before I joined Transition to Work I was…

“…Unfocused on what career path I wanted to pursue. I just wanted to get a job anywhere.”

And now

“…focused and have an idea on what type of career I on joining a TAFE course. I know what I ‘wanna’ do now. The process has been smooth and helpful. I’m glad I did Transition to Work”


From July to December 2016 - 66 people that used our services completed our agency satisfaction survey.  We asked:

We also asked 'What did Brophy do well?"

Got me on track

They listened to what was wrong and fixed the problem as best they could

Communicated, listened and very forthcoming with assistance

They don't judge

And "What can Brophy do better'?

Be more understanding that there are reasons that I need their help, and that some days I'll function better than others



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